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Photoshop to HTML Conversion Tips

The success of any online business is determined by the website they use. Usually, before any website is launched, it all start with a mock-up (mostly created using Photoshop or Fireworks) which is later converted into a functioning website.  Converted PSD to HTML can lead the business to grow faster as it introduces the company to wider range of audience. Here are some tips that will help you convert PSD to HTML. Study the basic requirements Number one rule whenever starting a project is to always study the requirements. This is a very basic task but is sometimes overlooked which

Cut down page load speed by using CSS Sprites

One of the reasons why sometimes a webpage takes a lot of time to load all contents is because of the tremendous HTTP requests which most of the time happens if the webpage you are trying to view contains a big amount of images to display. In order to lessen this problem, all you need to do is to use a CSS trick to cut back on HTTP requests to make the loading time faster. To help you visualize in a bigger picture, think of a series of images stacked together in one image and saved as a single file (such