12 Reasons to Convert Your Static HTML Site to WordPress

You have a very plain looking website you made yourself or by your friend; but everytime you wanted to update the contents or do some enhancement, you would have to edit each and every html code. Don’t you think it is about time to scrap that static website of yours and resort to a better platform that will help you solve these problems and will also keep you and your viewers updated? If you still wanted to get stuck with your static website, maybe, these reasons will help you decide to convert html site to WordPress.

12 Reasons to Convert:

Before we go into details, let us have a brief background:

WordPress is a blog tool, a publishing platform, and a dynamic content management system that you can use to create websites or blog. It is an opensource web software and it is available for free! WordPress is one the widely used CMS together with Joomla and Drupal. In fact, in the latest report of W3Tech, WordPress continue to grow with 53.8% of the market share leaving Joomla with 9.2% and Drupal with 6.7% base on popularity and 16% versus 2.7% of Joomla and 2.0% of Drupal base on usage. This only proves that more and more websites are deployed, mostly, powered by WordPress which gives us more reasons to migrate our static contents to a CMS website.

1. WordPress is opensource and free of charge.
You don’t need to spend extra cash whenever you decide to convert or migrate to WordPress because it is free! And if you need to do some changes to its core or to a certain portion of it just to fit with your requirements and needs, you are free to do so because it is opensource and you don’t need to pay for any rights and copyrights to change some things.

2. WordPress is Easy to Learn and Manage
You do not need any advance or expert programming and database knowledge to make and keep WordPress running, all you need is the basics in order for you to install the web application. If you know how to upload files and create an empty database, that should be enough because all the coding and installation is done for you when you install WordPress in your web server. After installing that, the labels and buttons speak for themselves and you don’t need a teacher to learn it because you can easily learn managing your contents by yourself. With WordPress, you can simply update your contents and options without having to go to your web server account and manually updating files one-by-one.

3. WordPress Supports Multi-users
One great feature of WordPress is you can assign different types of authorized users to manage your site and each type has different function and user-levels. Thus, making your work easier as you may assign trusted person to work as site administrator, editor, contributor and author or let your viewers sign-up as a subscriber to your site.

4. WordPress Code is Clean
If you are a web developer or someone who simply understands PHP, WordPress is going to be least of your problems if you wanted to talk about web programming. WordPress code is clean and can easily be understand and is properly commented. Everything is documented properly which make it easier to do updates and enhancement without confusing the people who are using the platform.

5. WordPress is Higly Customizable
If you don’t feel the default template of WordPress, you can always look for other templates; or, to make it custom fit to your website or business. You can also develop your own template base from an existing one or from scratch. The internet is a vast collection of WordPress templates so if you can’t afford to build your own, you may look for others that are already available and do your changes.

6. WordPress is Fast Growing
It started as a simple online publishing tool back in the early 2000’s and now, it has evolved into a tool that can almost provide us with all the things we need in order for our business or website to grow; before it was just used as a blog tool but now, you can make a full blown website or even a shopping cart. As months of the year passed, more WordPress communities grow whose purpose is to make WordPress better for all its members and mere WordPress user.

7. WordPress opens User/Viewer Interaction
With the use of WordPress, your viewers can participate and join with your campaigns and events or simply open up a discussion to the world wide web through the comments sections which also allows everyone to post reaction, suggestions and comments, and reply with one another.

8. WordPress Integrates with Social Networks
Recent versions allows you to connect and interact with major social networks such as Tweeter, Facebook, Digg, Journal, Flickr, and many more to increase your popularity and make everyone, who is a member of that social network, know that your website is existing.

9. WordPress has wide range of Plugins
This allows you to add enhancement and security to your website. Instead of developing your own, you may now look-up to the official WordPress plugin directory in order to make your work faster. WordPress also allows you to add more and new features which the default software doesn’t provide. In a way, plugins also enhances viewer experience as most plugins available are designed to suit not only with your needs but also to the viewers.

10. WordPress is URL and SEO Friendly
There is no need to study URL rewriting and confuse yourself to death or study SEO practices and spend more time and money for the training, as WordPress can provide you with that. In WordPress setting, you can change the way URL is displayed in your address bar to give way for faster searching and indexing. You can also install a plugin specialize to SEO in order to increase your website visibility.

11. WordPress is Secure
Unlike in other CMS which can easily be hacked or defaced, WordPress is highly secured as is and can still be secured to a different level through the use of plugins or by merely changing file and directory permission. In fact, you can also set some post to require password if you want to keep it for authorized eyes only. If you want to learn more about securing WordPress, you may check our discussion here: 10 Tips for Securing WordPress

12. WordPress is Business Ready
If you are a businessman and you want your products be known to the online community, WordPress is a very good platform to introduce your products or services. WordPress is not only a blog or a website tool but it can also play as a product and services catalog which will allow your customers to shop and pay online. There are templates available which supports the shopping cart feature so you don’t need to worry about converting or migrating again if one day you decide to make your website a business.

So what are you waiting for? Are you still going to stay static and let yourself get left behind? Convert now or migrate to a very powerful CMS in the face of the world wide web!


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