Top 6 Benefits of Converting HTML to WordPress

Before the invention of Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, websites were traditionally composed of static HTML pages linked together wherein they all had the same layout but different content where hardcoded into an individual page. There were times that even styles and scripts were coded along with the HTML framework and this gave way to problems like slow loading of the website since tons of the same code will be loaded for each page, the only difference is the content of the page. So the technically inclined people thought up of an innovative way to handle a website

Benefits of Converting PSD to WordPress

If you think that building a WordPress based website is only for viewing and letting people know that you exists, then think again because you might find yourself with countless benefits and features that you can use to make your business or organization grow. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS for creating both personal and professional websites. It offers different features that you can use for a simple website, to a dynamic one and to an e-commerce website. A WordPress based web design has many features and offers a lot of profits. Below are some of the benefits

PSD to WordPress Conversion Tips

Converting your Photoshop Design to a working and functional WordPress website has gained so much importance that most designers hire specialists or third-party companies to convert their designs. Their role is to make the design as a live and working WordPress website that are both appealing and interesting in order to make visitors stay and patronize their products and services. In our experience as a third-party company converting client PSD designs to WordPress, making clients/visitors to like the converted design plays a very crucial part as it needs a powerful and creative vision to convert PSD to WordPress such as

12 Reasons to Convert Your Static HTML Site to WordPress

You have a very plain looking website you made yourself or by your friend; but everytime you wanted to update the contents or do some enhancement, you would have to edit each and every html code. Don’t you think it is about time to scrap that static website of yours and resort to a better platform that will help you solve these problems and will also keep you and your viewers updated? If you still wanted to get stuck with your static website, maybe, these reasons will help you decide to convert html site to WordPress. 12 Reasons to Convert:

10 Tips for Securing and Hardening WordPress

With the introduction of free and open-source Content Management System (CMS), more and more people, particularly those who wanted to venture in online businesses, are now putting their own websites in order to introduce their products and services to their demographics to the online community. One of these content management systems is WordPress, an easy to use and open-source CMS which allows you to manage your contents in a form of website, blog or other web solutions. However, as the number of websites using the WordPress platform grows, the number of hackers intruding the very core of it or simply

Convert HTML to WordPress

In its most basic sense, static pages are nothing more than HTML documents uploaded on a server and viewed on some random browser. The file uploaded on the server is the same document sent to the requesting client. If one compares source code of these files. There is no difference or change and thus the word “static“. These pages are “what the rest of the world calls web pages.” Much of what we call as static is hand-coded HTML. While it is quite rare now to find new sites being composed of purely hand-coded static web pages (content included), we