Working with PHP Files and Directories

File Access and EOF PHP offers a number of functions for handling and working with resources. This articles discusses functions dedicated to file manipulation in PHP. What is a resource? A resource is simply an entity from which an input or output stream can be initiated. A stream in computing refers to a sequence of data elements made available over time. In PHP, this is simply a variable which holds reference to an external entity like a file. Note however that not all resources are necessarily files. For example, a network socket is considered a resource. The terms resource handling

Useful PHP String Functions

PHP has a rather large number of string functions. (They are pretty boring on their own — the fun always comes when you’re already in deep coding trance). On my local machine alone, Adobe DreamWeaver CS5’s O’REILLY PHP Pocket Reference lists around 80 string functions. These are already exhausting to memorize. I probably won’t use all of them in a PSD to WordPress conversion project but it is nice to know what tools I have at my disposal. I’ve covered a small fraction of PHP’s commonly used string manipulation functions in this article.  Topics about regular expression functions or alternatives