How to Create Responsive Website – Online Training

More people are using their smartphones, tablets and other devices to browse the internet, search for something, read and navigate that’s why it has become increasingly important to create a website that works across multiple platforms.  It is important that they can easily read your content and interact with it. Going responsive is the most effective way to make the most of mobile and tablet traffic, and to offer visitors the best possible user experience. You might ask yourself, how to build websites suitable for all users? Is there any responsive web trick that I need to know? Anyway, HTML

An Overview on PSD to HTML Conversion

For starters, a PSD is the default file extension for a Photoshop Document created with Adobe Photoshop. For the past years, Adobe has led professionals and non-professionals alike into the world of raster graphics design and editing with their creation of Photoshop editor. PSDs have become and are still the industry standard for graphics and web designers in showcasing their concepts to clients and to website developers as well. These website developers then code these PSD files into Hyper Text Mark-up Language pages, or more known to the common man as a website. That’s why PSD to HTML conversion has

Top 6 Benefits of Converting HTML to WordPress

Before the invention of Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, websites were traditionally composed of static HTML pages linked together wherein they all had the same layout but different content where hardcoded into an individual page. There were times that even styles and scripts were coded along with the HTML framework and this gave way to problems like slow loading of the website since tons of the same code will be loaded for each page, the only difference is the content of the page. So the technically inclined people thought up of an innovative way to handle a website

A Guide to the Basics of Responsive Web – The Trick Relies on Containers

Well, it is actually all about viewports, media queries, and containers. But yeah the trick is with organizing your design into sections then use containers. What is a Viewport? In technical theory, it is the viewing region in computer graphics. While in layman’s terms, it is the actual display area of the device that you are using. What is a Media Query? It is a CSS3 module allowing content rendering to adapt to conditions such as screen resolution (e.g. smartphone screen vs. computer screen). What containers are you pertaining to? The containers declared here are the HTML tags that would

How to Convert a PSD to HTML – As Seen Through the Eyes of a Previously Non-Web Developer

Evaluate the Photoshop Document *even the smallest of details There will always be some basic requirements to start a project and when it comes to converting a PSD to HTML (or a fully functional website), evaluating even the most minuscule of details is considered to be part of the basics. Why, you ask? Overlooking minor details may lead to bugs in the code which would then lead to revisions that may possibly be out of scope from the original project request. It is a best practice to make sure you have understood the clients’ needs to meet their expectations and

Photoshop to HTML Conversion Tips

The success of any online business is determined by the website they use. Usually, before any website is launched, it all start with a mock-up (mostly created using Photoshop or Fireworks) which is later converted into a functioning website.  Converted PSD to HTML can lead the business to grow faster as it introduces the company to wider range of audience. Here are some tips that will help you convert PSD to HTML. Study the basic requirements Number one rule whenever starting a project is to always study the requirements. This is a very basic task but is sometimes overlooked which

Benefits of Converting PSD to WordPress

If you think that building a WordPress based website is only for viewing and letting people know that you exists, then think again because you might find yourself with countless benefits and features that you can use to make your business or organization grow. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS for creating both personal and professional websites. It offers different features that you can use for a simple website, to a dynamic one and to an e-commerce website. A WordPress based web design has many features and offers a lot of profits. Below are some of the benefits

PSD to WordPress Conversion Tips

Converting your Photoshop Design to a working and functional WordPress website has gained so much importance that most designers hire specialists or third-party companies to convert their designs. Their role is to make the design as a live and working WordPress website that are both appealing and interesting in order to make visitors stay and patronize their products and services. In our experience as a third-party company converting client PSD designs to WordPress, making clients/visitors to like the converted design plays a very crucial part as it needs a powerful and creative vision to convert PSD to WordPress such as

XHTML Transitional vs XHTML Strict. When to use what?

One of the dilemmas a web developer meets along the way is which Document Type Declaration to use for their website projects which as some extent, affect how your document content is indexed by search engines and is displayed in different browser. But to set things straight, whether or not you use HTML or XHTML doesn’t matter for as long as you declare if you will use Transitional or Strict. Definition of Terms TRANSITIONAL DOCTYPEs are meant for those making the transition from older markup to modern standards. It may be used for elements and attributes that cannot be easily