Benefits of Converting PSD to WordPress

If you think that building a WordPress based website is only for viewing and letting people know that you exists, then think again because you might find yourself with countless benefits and features that you can use to make your business or organization grow.

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS for creating both personal and professional websites. It offers different features that you can use for a simple website, to a dynamic one and to an e-commerce website. A WordPress based web design has many features and offers a lot of profits. Below are some of the benefits of converting your PSD Design to a WordPress website:

Easy to Use

WordPress does not require extensive knowledge on Web Development. If you have basic knowledge on computer operations and content management system, then you can definitely have your design converted into a WordPress website.

Cost Effective

WordPress is free to download so you don’t need to pay for any fees and licenses in order to convert your design. It is good for small to medium scale firms and for businesses what aims to extend their market area by selling online. Also, you don’t have to pay a professional in maintaining the site because once you are finish with the conversion; your site will retain its features and functionality unless WordPress becomes incompatible with your plugins and libraries.

It is very easy to update! All you need to do is to click the “UPDATE” button and WordPress will do the rest for you! No need for extra effort. You are just a click away from making your design up to date!

And most of all, WordPress is very easy to integrate with other Web Technologies particularly if your design requires you to use one. There is no need to spare money to stuffs that you, yourself, can accomplish!

SEO Friendly

As what the WordPress codex say: WordPress, straight out of the box, comes ready to embrace search engines. Its features and functions guide a search engine through the posts, pages, and categories to help the search engine crawl your site and gather the information it needs to include your site within its database. WordPress comes with several built-in SEO tools, including the ability to use .htaccess to create apparently static URLs called permalinks, blogrolling and pinging.

WordPress also helps you organize and standardize your tags by using its templates in aiding you write a more readable and SEO friendly tags for your design.

Aside from that, WordPress, by default also helps you make your website visible in the internet by asking you if you wanted to be included in the search result during the installation.

Social Media

WordPress is fully compatible with social media plugins such as Facebook apps, Twitter apps, Youtube apps, ShareThis and AddThis. You do not need to write your own plugin or hire a web programmer to do those things for you since Social Media Applications are available to download in the WordPress plugin directories.

Plugin Integration

If your design requires a lot of features and extensive functionality, WordPress can offer a variety of plugins that you can use to make your PSD design as interactive as possible. These plugins are available for free (some with fee but for a very minimal price) which you can download anywhere or in the WordPress plugins directory. WordPress will allow you to make your website more interactive through the use of plugins that generate contact form, Lighbox galleries, language translation generator and many more!

One of the most impressive features of this platform is how easy it is to create a PSD to WordPress theme. Whether it is a simple theme or a complex one with fancy graphics, you can do it quickly.

Building a website will not end by finishing your PSD design because after this, you need to think which platform can cater the features and functionality of your design. In deciding, you must always consider its flexibility, scalability and its ability to handle thousands of web pages with ease. Having said the aforementioned, it is always a wise choice to consider WordPress for PSD conversion projects as it has been used, tested and certified by 70% of the World Wide Web population and as of now, WordPress continue to develop into a more advance and feature-rich web application and CMS that can cater all your need today and to the other days to come.

By doing so, you might need to contact professionals to help you convert your PSD to WordPress to make sure that your design will be converted the way you planned it, the way you want it! Our team is composed of geeks and webheads crazy passionate about HTML/CSS, WordPress Themes and PHP. We focus on building the front-end HTML/CSS and CMS programming so you can focus on growing your business.

Our Services:
– HTML, XHTML, HTML5 Development
– WordPress Theme Development
– Virtual Team (full time virtual employee)

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